Here's a quick look at some of my best work - taken for both practice and clients. Please take a look, and don't hesitate to contact me for any questions. 



A portrait photography is mostly used in terms of profesional use such as: LinkedIn profile picture, passport photo or a CV. In my opinion that's not all. A portrait is so much more. It's an image of you and your personality. My job as a portrait photographer is not just good lighning and a great camera. I'm here to capture YOU, all of you. The serious you, the funny you and the beautiful you. 

Afterwards, lighting and the rest of the setting encompasses the portrait. 



“Frederikke took the most important pictures of my life – my wedding pictures. I’m really pleased with my decision to let Frederikke be my wedding photographer, whenever I look at the great result. Frederikke is the type of photographer you do not need to instruct, because she already knows how to get the best results with both lightning and motive. That made me concentrate on being the happy bride. At times I forgot Frederikke was taking pictures because she managed to be a “fly on the wall”, which in my opinion is the best way of being a photographer. Frederikke managed to make the most fantastic pictures which mirrored my happiness – without anything getting all staged. Frederikke has my best recommendations anytime as a photographer! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Sofie E. D. de la Porte Reichstein (client)



As important as your wedding day photos, are your maternity photos. As we celebrate love, we celebrate life and in what better way to do that by making the memories last forever. A maternity photography is not for bragging or showing off, it's about motherhood, love and life.



These phoyographs are small projects of mine, where i experiment with storylines, colour, light and so on. I hope you enjoy.