OAK and SHAW sensommerturné 2020

Oak and SHAW sensommerturné 2020

29. oktober 2020

In late september 2020 i got the chance to film one of OAK and SHAW's concerts during their late summer tour. This is my first ever videographer project

The close-ups are filmed by me aswell as the photographs from their performance at Café Fabers. The video is edited by OAK and SHAW themselves.

You can watch the video on their facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/oakandshaw/videos/736482340409786

Read what they have to say about it below:

"Here is a little flashback to our SENSOMMERTURNÉ 2020 ! !

We are so happy that we got some music out there when it was possible. Now golden leaves and face masks fill the streets and we will hide away in the studio for some mixing. Maybe though there will be an extra concert in Copenhagen so stay tuned:)

BIG THANKS to: Naja Schonemann, Felipe Osorio-Guzmán, Magnus Stein, Frederikke Schioldann von Eyben, Magnus Ræder Knudsen, Tjili-Pop, Glorup Gods, Teater Momentum, Rødkilde Højskole, Café Fabers, Ryslinge Højskole, Svendborg Forsamlingshus, Bål og Brand

Statens Kunstfond, Norsk Kulturråd"

- OAK and SHAW